Recruitment Consulting Services

In a world where change is the constant you need a consulting partner who
will cut through the complexity of change and deliver the solution. VGS Recruitment Services are able to advise on a solution that meets the requirements of your industry, size, talent requirements and location. We look beyond the buzzwords and focus on your goals, starting with the desired outcomes, this ensures we never lose sight of your objectives

Our consultancy services:

Following on from a free consultation we employ some or all of the following strategic reviews:

  • Recruitment audit. – Information gathering, process reviews, needs analyses.
  • Benchmarking. – Competitor research, salary surveys, market mapping.
  • Employer Branding. – Brand perception, candidate attraction, market presence.
  • Supply rationalisation. – Cost reductions, PSL audit, external procedures.
  • Technology. – Recruitment software, automation, databasing.
  • Candidates. – Feedback, presentation, induction, retention.

The Solution

In our experience no two companies manage their recruitment in the same way, their people, their sector, their locations, their management, their USPs, their owners and their investors will all determine their culture. Similarly no copied or borrowed solution can be overlaid in order to effectively service an organisation’s recruitment needs.

Talk of a bespoke solution sounds costly, it isn’t, put simply, the harnessing of strengths and the elimination of weaknesses through people and processes achieves the desired outcomes.

“Since you guys have been managing the PSL, we have at last been getting decent feedback for our candidates.”
– DE

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