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RPO as defined by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, (RPOA):

“When a provider acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion or for all of its jobs.

RPO providers manage elements of or the entire recruiting and hiring process from job profiling through to the onboarding of the new hire, including staff, technology, methodology and reporting.

A well implemented and managed RPO solution will improve a company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.”

The benefits of RPO & Managed Services:

RPO offers Clients many benefits, including, sourcing from a larger pool of candidates, increasing the quality of the candidates, improving a Company’s time to hire, introducing robust processes and delivering verifiable metrics.

The three most common reasons why businesses opt for a VGS RPO Solution are to reduce recruitment costs, to increase the speed and quality of candidates and to help the organisation gain a competitive edge in their marketplace.


The VGS model is scaleable, it can take the form of help with a small project right through to outsourcing the entire recruitment process.

Delivering your RPO Solution

All VGS RPO Solutions enhance 4 key areas. All 4 are tailored to meet the Client’s requirements and objectives:


  • Staff resourcing and Agencies – A dedicated account manager and a VGS resourcing/administration team are allocated to your account. The best performing agencies within a Client’s required disciplines are engaged on the PSL, (preferred supplier list), this ensures the correct quality and quantity of Candidates. In the past your team of internal recruiters may have been under intense pressure to meet your HR needs, with RPO in place they will have a team of agencies, resourcers, administrators and an account manager taking away much of the pressure and delivering committed and prepped candidates.
  • Technologies – In most cases, in order to make an immediate positive impact, it is recommended that we work with a Client’s current technologies. On rare occasions there may be excellent reasons for adopting a big bang approach, an initial consultation will identify those reasons. VGS maintains its own software solution so that Clients can wholly outsource the entire process if so required.
  • Methodology – The specific components such as tasks, methods, techniques and tools that make up the approved methodology for your solution are documented at pre-implementation stage. This ensures that data and information flows are in place from day one of the services rollout.
  • Reporting – Key measurables are established in advance of the Managed Services implementation, this ensures that KPI’s are aligned with the Client’s objectives before the rollout. Reports are delivered in line with the Client’s timing requirements.
“Since March 2011 VGS has consistently provided us with high calibre candidates across all our technical, commercial and services divisions. Their integrity, ethical working practices and innate understanding of our culture and skills requirements has stood them above previous suppliers.
Working in partnership with VGS has enabled us to reduce the number of open vacancies to its lowest ever recorded level”
– DS

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