TotalFlex solutions for SMEs

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What is TotalFlex?

Small to Medium Enterprises are the UK’s largest employers, 59.8% of employees are employed by businesses and organisations with less than 250 Staff, (source BIS.Gov statistics). TotalFlex is an RPO solution specifically tailored to an SME’s needs.
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Features of TotalFlex:

SMEs are presented with differing recruitment challenges to those that larger organisations are faced with. The broad variety of SME businesses and the sectors and disciplines that SMEs trade in requires a flexible model, hence TotalFlex.

  • TotalFlex expands and contracts in line with the peaks and troughs that are prevalent in an SME environment.
  • TotalFlex reduces the hiring cost for SMEs who do not have the equivalent volume requirements of larger companies with more vacancies.
  • TotalFlex expands candidate selection through engaging with many more agencies.
  • TotalFlex gives SMEs access to the best recruiters at preferential rates.
  • TotalFlex takes the pressure off those potentially under resourced SME areas such as HR and internal Recruiters.
  • TotalFlex is available without retainers, all the additional services that TotalFlex offers are provided for the equivalent of a low agency fee.
    TotalFlex can consolidate your current recruitment providers into one managed preferred supplier list.
  • TotalFlex eliminates much of the time taken up on recruitment by SMEs by ensuring that all candidates are correctly matched to the vacancy before being submitted.
  • TotalFlex is process driven and ensures compliance with current legislation.
  • TotalFlex is transparent, Clients are always aware which agency is supplying their best candidates.
  • TotalFlex reporting helps Clients to stay up to speed with KPIs.
  • TotalFlex keeps your suppliers updated with regular candidate tracker reports.
“Thank you for all your help, I have found this process very useful and much easier than having to deal with a number of agencies. Your amendments to the process will improve this even more for future recruitment needs.”
– TR

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